About Us

Thar Artefact are the manufacturers and suppliers of Genuine Leather goods, Authentic Polished Marble articles, Contemporary Jewellery and more. We are focused on our products and services with what we do for happiness of our customers and ourselves.
The Beginning
Our story began in 2018 when three friends set up the company while working at the same time on petty works. From the beginning we were passionate about both manufacturing and the effects great products have on people. We have combined those in creating an Avengers journal, which we launched in 2019.
Doing the Right Thing
Though, it's has not been a long time that we have started this company but our goals have been the same - enjoying our work and benefiting people with our best products and services. Competing with the top in the industry. Learn from the best. Focus on the essential. Be efficient and effective in our work. Cultivate openness and respect in all communication. Be friends with one another. Learn constantly.
Our Vision
To promote Indian handcrafted products to all over the world and also promote Indian art which are about to vanish. We buy products from Indian artisans who have inherited this art from their ancestors and helping them to earn a living.
Selling Opportunities
Have you ever faced competition from ecommerce markets with price, discounts, quality, etc. etc. If you are a shop owner and facing these difficulties then no worries....WE ARE HERE.
We provide you an opportunity to work with us and sell our products at your marketplace and we will share a very good percentage of profit margin. If interested, please fill out the form in "Collaboration With Us".