Top 5 Misconceptions About Leather Bags And The Truth Behind It

 Top 5 Misconceptions About Leather Bags And The Truth Behind It

Leather bags are by far the most stylish accessories one can think of but there are several misconceptions around them. A lot of people refrain from buying leather bags even if they love the look and feel of it just because they have heard baseless conceptions about the material. Let’s take a look at the top five misconceptions about leather bag that needs to be debunked now.

Leather bags are super heavy

leather purse

No, they aren’t! Unless your leather bag has not gone through the process of tanning, there’s no reason for it to be heavy. All good quality leather accessories, be it a leather purse or a leather satchel, go through the process of tanning which leaves them with a soft touch and light weight. This is one of the main reasons why celebrities, and executives, who have to carry a lot of stuff in their bags, prefer leather bags while travelling around the world.

The small straps of leather backpacks are not enough to carry the weight

Again, not true. If you’re buying the bag from a good company, rest assured that manufactures give as much importance to the strap as the backpack itself.  Consider the backpack in the picture above. The bag is made of genuine leather, and the same material is used in making the strap. With a 36 inch shoulder drop, and a 180 cm adjustable sling, the leather bag comfortably carries around the weight with no strain on the strap.

It won’t last long if used daily

leather rucksack

There’s not a speck of truth in this. As a matter of fact, leather bags are supposed to be used daily as they’re tough and don’t give up with regular wear and tear. A quality bag, which is made of full grain leather is tanned with high-grade pill, which easily gives it a lifespan of 30 – 40 years.  A genuine leather rucksack that is heavily used in adventurous travel through rocky terrains and extreme weather conditions can be used even by the next generation.

Leather backpacks are bad for your back

leather backpacks

The material ‘leather’ has nothing to do with this concern. The kind of bag you choose according to weight you carry plays the key role here. If you are carrying a lot of weight, a cross body bag may not be a good choice for you. In case you carry heavy items on a daily basis, such as books and laptops, leather backpacks are ideal for you. While backpacks even out the weight on your back with the strap, the interiors of a genuine leather bag firmly holds your items.

Water will ruin a leather bag

Again, leather bags are waxed and tanned to be tough enough to be water resistant. Contrary to popular belief, if a leather bag is well treated and relaxed, it will not form cracks or show any sort of depreciation when exposed to direct sunlight or rain. However, if the leather bag is raw, the rain might stiffen it a little when it’s dried. This happens because the oils are also dried along with it. In that case, all it needs is a wipe with a dry cloth, and the bag eventually comes back to normal. This is a negligible inconvenience considering the charm of bags made of raw leather. 

Hopefully, this manages to burst some of the most common misconceptions about leather bags. They are stylish, tough and work with all kinds of fashion. So the next time you spot a gorgeous leather bag and want to grab it, don’t hesitate.