There’s No Such Thing As Too Many Bags: The Trendiest Handbags Of 2019

leather satchel

Accessories have always been a crucial tool when it came to setting fashion trends, and this year’s ramps saw the revival of the hand bags. Leather Purses, clutches, wallets and leather satchels were the most dominant accessories throughout 2019. Depending on the kind of clothes you’re wearing, or the occasion, a vintage leather satchel bag or a stylish clutch can make a very bold statement. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent bag styles that are in vogue this year.

Tote bags

tote bags

The ever so fashionable tote bag has especially been the in thing throughout this year so far. Jute, leather, cotton – you name it, tote bags have been raising the fashion bar high in all kinds of materials. But there’s one material that deserves a special mention when it comes to the trendy totes of 2019 and that’s fur. If you’re game adding a colourful pop to your attire, this is the bag for you.

Bucket bags

bucket bags

If you have a bucket list for 2019’s fashion accessories, you better have it on the list. Bucket bags are back in all sorts of sizes, shapes, colours and materials. An Italian leather bucket bag, denim bucket bag, plain or printed cotton – there are too many varieties that have been setting up the fashion houses on fire this year.

Structured handheld bags

Structured handheld bags

This may be a little left of centre but if you’re edgy enough to carry this, this is definitely the bag for you. Structured handheld bags continue to go strong on the fall 2019 runways. From geometric shapes to hoop handles, some of the most standout bags were those too special to simply sling over your shoulder.

Vintage Leather Satchel Bag for Women

vintage satchel with pocket

Strong, sturdy, and yet fashionably on point! A genuine leather satchel with pocket lined with olive green canvas along with a vintage and rustic overall look, this particular leather satchel bag totally steals the show at any gathering.

Leather Retro Style Purse

vintage retro style purse

Every year, the fashion world gets a blast from the past, and this year was all about the leather retro style purse. Oh yes, we’re talking classic! Audrey Hepburn-from-Breakfast at Tiffany’s classic! What you’re looking at is a purse made of 100% buff leather lined with durable black canvas. If not the genuine leather texture, high quality brass fittings are probably the reason behind the pure classy look of the bag.