Planning To Go For An Adventure Trip? Let’s Have Your Accessories Taken Care Of

Everyone should set out for a journey into the unknown at least once in their lives. It is an inherent desire of humans to look for adventure, and the soul feels malnourished if that thrill is denied. So if you’re planning on a jungle safari, a trek to the mountains or any adventure trip, we congratulate you. But before that, let’s get you sorted with the finest leather accessories that are going to make this trip all the more memorable.

Genuine leather rucksack

leather rucksack

This incredibly good-looking and exceptionally useful rucksack is designed specifically for adventure trips. Ideal for mountain trails, treks and safari, the genuine leather rucksack is fitted with multiple pockets and a huge main compartment. When you’re on such trips, it’s important that you keep your hands free. At the same time, you have to carry a lot of utilities with you. A sturdy and spacious rucksack like this makes sure that you can fit almost all your stuff in one bag, carry it and keep your hands free. The leather grab makes for comfortable handling, which is also a very important prerequisite for heavy travelling. The padded base makes sure that your belongings are safe even if the bag lands heavily on the floor. Also, just to make things stylish, the bag comes with brass buckles and rivets.

Vintage style genuine leather DSLR case

Vintage style genuine leather DSLR case

You may or may not be a professional photographer, but a DSLR would be your best friend who would testify the amazing adventure you embarked on. Therefore, it’s only advisable that you carry your camera in style and comfort. There is something very classic about the charm of a vintage-style genuine leather DSLR case but this product is not just about looks. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to utility as well. The bag comes with two padded partitions that can be adjusted to accommodate lens and other accessories.  There is a big front compartment for carrying the charger.

Round leather duffel bag

Round leather duffel bag

You have seen duffel bags by the dozen at the gym, but have you seen a genuine leather duffel bag designed especially for adventure trips? Big enough to carry your bedding along with all other important stuff, the duffel bag is made of top-grain leather and masterfully sewn with durable wax thread. With enough room in the main compartment for clothing, shoes, water bottle, books, sports gear, etc.there are side compartments that can easily fit in your keys, chargers, power banks, spare batteries etc. With a drop of 25 inches, the adjustable shoulder strap of the bag makes it extremely convenient for such trips. The bag qualifies the carry-on requirement in flights and easily fits in the overhead compartment in aircraft.

Refillable Leather journal

leather journal

The kind of experience you’re going to have on this trip is not going to happen to you anywhere else. Not only experiences but also the kind thoughts and reflections that you’re going to have in the midst of wilderness would probably be priceless. Would you risk forgetting these ideas and experiences once the trip is over? For all that the camera would not capture, you’d need to write them down, put them on paper. What better way to write about your daily experience during the trip than a gorgeous journal with a leather cover. What you’re looking at is a navy blue refillable leather journal with a unique lock. Made with tough rustic leather, these journals are made for such intense trips. Cotton BioMass is used to make the paper and they’re completely acid-free.