Leather Accessories To Get That Perfect Power Look

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Let’s face it, leather products look powerful. If you want to give off that firm, assertive, and powerful feel at your workplace, nothing’s going to give you that edge like leather accessories. Now you must be wondering where’s the room for accessorize in an office scenario? It’s true that you can’t go over the top with accessories in a formal set up but there’s one thing that can be a major style statement – your bag. Let’s explore the world of stylish leather bags that screams “the bawse has arrived!”

Genuine Leather Laptop Messenger Bag

Genuine Leather Laptop Messenger Bag

Do you know the biggest mistake that you can make while trying to look powerful at work? It’s carrying that polyester backpack, which makes you look like a college goer. It’s time to be in the big boy league, and nothing radiates that kind of confidence more than leather bags. Go for a raw leather messenger bag, and stand apart.

Genuine Leather Purse and Satchel for Women

Genuine Leather Purses and Satchels for Women

This one is for all the self-motivated, extremely driven, go-getter women at work who are all about results and no nonsense. As a role model to all the younger women around you, it’s up to you to set the bar high when it comes to style. This beautiful handmade leather bag is lined with durable olive green canvas. A multi-utility bag, it gives off a combined vibe of assertive confidence and style  

Genuine Leather Messenger Bag with 2 Front Pockets

Genuine Leather Messenger Bag with 2 Front Pockets

You must have heard that the best way to climb up that corporate ladder is by being noticed – and the best way to be noticed is to power dress your way to the top. Dress sharp, and carry the coolest briefcase in the entire office to get noticed. Take a look at this genuine leather messenger briefcase. With three big spacious compartments, it’s perfect for carrying laptops, Macbooks, ipads, and whatnot. A couple of zipped compartments and a 2 concealable flap-pockets make it the perfect office bag to carry everything you need.

Distressed Leather Messenger Crossbody Laptop Bag

Distressed Leather Messenger Crossbody Laptop bag

This is for both men and women who like to go to work in style. A fabulous cross body messenger leather bag that can be used as a briefcase or a handbag, it comes with three spacious compartments, ideal for carrying laptops and ipads. There’s also pocket compartment where you can carry your notebooks, keys, cell phones, and other small items.

Retro Leather Messenger Handbag

Retro Leather Messenger Hand bag

We’re not over with messenger bags yet. Here’s another option for men and women who prefer the minimalistic yet powerful style. Along with a well-padded compartment for carrying laptops and ipads, the bag also comes with two zipped compartments. The look of this handmade genuine leather messenger bag is further enhanced by the 100% rust free steel buckles.