How To Clean Your Leather Bag Without Ruining It

Leather bags are cool, tough, and durable. They sure are going to last a long time provided you have picked the right kind of leather. However, like all great things, your stylish accessories need to be kept well maintained. The best thing about quality leather bags is that it’s easy to retain the initial lustre of the material if they are maintained well. Then again, there’s a way to treat leather, and simply throwing them into the washing machine is not it. Here’s how you do it.

Mild facial soap

leather purse

Not sure if the commercial facial soaps can deliver what they promise when it comes to your face but they can definitely do wonders for your leather bag. If you want to get rid of the dirt and dust accumulated on your leather purse make a solution of facial soap and water, and spray it on your bag, and rinse. Facial soap is good for the material because it’s free of harsh chemicals.

Lemon and tartar mix

leather backpack

It’s tough to keep your leather bags away from food stains. You know it’s risky but can’t resist the temptation to carry that suave leather backpack to the office brunch or Friday night dinner with friends. It’s common to spill some food on your bag, and food stains could be a bit stubborn too. Here’s an idea: fight food with food! Just make a soft paste of tartar and lemon juice and apply it on the stain. Let it do its job for half an hour before you wipe your bag clean.


leather briefcase

Good old alcohol comes handy in all kinds of situations, doesn’t it? Have you ever struggled with obstinate marks on your leather bag such as ink stains? While you might be on the verge of giving up and living with those ugly stains on your beloved leather briefcase, know that alcohol has an answer to everything. It is the best option in this case because unlike ordinary cleansers and ink removers, alcohol will not fade away the color of the leather. Simply apply a little bit of alcohol on the stained area and rub it with a cotton ball.

Talcum powder

May we don’t use much talcum powder in the age of deodorants but when it comes to very hard stains on your leather bags, it’s talcum powder that can save the day. Butter, oil, grease – these are the kind of stains that are very hard to remove and can discolour the area quite badly if not treated immediately.  If there’s oil or grease on your bag, blot the area with a piece of cloth and let it absorb as much oil as possible. Put some talcum powder over the era and leave it overnight. Your bag will be as good as new the next day.

Damp cloth and water

Pretty much the simplest resolution to simple problems, a damp cloth is the best way to get rid of dust and mildew. You might notice white spots on your leather bag if you keep it unused for a long time. Damp cloth and water is the best solution in this case too.