Don’t Let Them Sell You Fake Leather. Learn How to Choose Real Leather

Don’t Let Them Sell You Fake Leather. Learn How To Choose Real Leather

If you’re reading this, it’s obvious that you like leather products. But do you know how to identify genuine leather among thousands of counterfeit products that have infested the market? If your love for leather is genuine, why should you settle for anything less than genuine leather? There are ways to tell if your product is 100% leather, and it’s no rocket science. Let’s learn the tricks.

Look for The Uneven Patterns

genuine leather laptop messenger bag

Take a look at this genuine leather laptop messenger bag.  It’s one of our finest products, but if you ask for two exactly similar pieces, we’d have to disappoint you. While the cut and the make will be the same, the patterns on the surface of the leather will differ. If you see the exact same pattern on two different bags of the same model at a store, know that it’s not genuine.

Do The Wrinkles Test

Genuine leather is nothing but skin. If you stretch your skin, you’ll see a change in colour and composition. Similarly, genuine leather will also show such properties. So the next time you like a nice brown leather backpack, scratch the surface with your fingernails. You’ll see wrinkles on it if it’s genuine. If it remains unaffected, it’s not real leather.

How Does it React to Water?

Why is it is always recommended to keep your leather products safe from water? -  Because genuine leather will soak up the water. Fake leather will not absorb liquid and you can see the water accumulate over the surface. That’s one of the key methods of determining the credibility of the leather.

Leather Stands Tall

genuine Leather rucksack for travel

Let us share with you another product of ours to demonstrate this point. This is our Genuine Leather Rucksack for Travel and adventure. Take a good look at the form and structure of the bag. It stands tall without any folds or bends. That’s how genuine leather stands. Faux leather bags don’t have the inherent properties of genuine leather, and hence, they do not appear as upright.

Few Pointers to Note

Trust your sense of smell to tell genuine leather from fake. Real leather will always have the inherent ‘leathery smell’, while fake leather will smell like plastic. Touch and feel the texture of the material. If it gives you a cold, comatose feel, it’s not real. Genuine Leather Bags are generally heavier than those made of fake leather. This is because of the quality of the accessories (chains, zippers) used in the bag.

The Test of Fire

genuine leather purse for women

If all other tests fail, this would be your last resort. If you’re willing to sacrifice a product to know if it’s made of genuine product, go for this test. This is a Genuine Leather Purse for Women. As you can see from the picture, it’s got the genuine charm of a leather product. However, there are plenty of products like this that are made of faux leather. Light a matchstick against the material, and burn it slightly. You will see the material burning with a flame leaving the smell of burning plastic. Genuine leather will only burn in the high intensity of a fire. While fake leather smells like plastic when burnt, genuine leather will smell like your hair catching fire. It also takes