7 Facts About Leather That Will Blow Your Mind

It’s your penchant for leather products that has brought you here. From gaping at leather pants wearing rock stars in jaw-dropping admiration during your teens to being a leather briefcase trotting corporate hotshot now, leather accessories and clothing has always been your weak point. Let’s take your love for leather a notch higher with some amazing facts that you probably didn’t know before.

A popular material since 3000 BC

While leather seems to be one of the most widely chosen materials for various purposes, it was no less popular thousands of years ago. The popularity of leather dates back to more than 3000 BC when it was used for making sails on boats by the Romans. Back then, leather was used mostly for making daily necessities such as furniture, weapons and tents. It was around 1000 years later that leather began to be used for fashion purposes, and the first people to do so were the Egyptian women.

The ancient tradition of leather tanning

One of the oldest human activities, the very first rudimental process of tanning is mentioned in Homer’s Iliad as well as Assyrian texts. The Assyrians used leather mainly for footwear but they also made liquid containers and inflated floats for their rafts with leather. The very popular Morocco leather type is believed to have originated through ancient tanning processes in India.

Ever heard of leather wallpapers?

Leather wallpapers may not be in vogue anymore, but they used to be very popular during the Middle Ages. It was very common for people to hand gilded leather on the wall. The purpose was not just confined to decoration – it provided insulation from the cold stone walls. Back in the 17th century Florence and Italy, having your home wallpapered with leather was considered quite fashionable.

Average person is wearing 4 pieces of leather

leather backpack

Yes, that’s how much deep-rooted leather is in our culture. At least three to four pieces of leather is always adorning your daily look. Your shoes, wallet, your leather backpack or leather briefcase, and various other accessories such as key-chains, leather journals or notebooks, or glass cases.

Leather changes texture based on the environment

leather rucksack

If your leather rucksack feels a little different on your trip to the Bahamas, relax, it’s only natural. It changes its texture and appearance depending on the environment it is in. Leather feels softer in fairly humid environment as the pores soak up all the moisture. It will go back to its tougher self when it’s brought back to a dry environment.

The white leather factor

genuine leather dog collar leash

Take a look at this marble design genuine leather dog collar leash. Do you know what screams ‘genuine’ in this product? It’s the colour white. White dye cannot be used unless the quality of the hide is of the highest order. If you try to use white dye on poor quality hide, the leather is bound to become hard and may even crack.

So how big is the leather industry?

Does 53 billion dollars sound big enough? That’s the annual revenue of this industry worldwide. This is higher than the revenues of tea, coffee, rubber, and sugar combined.