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How To Clean Your Leather Bag Without Ruining It

Leather bags are cool, tough, and durable. They sure are going to last a long time provided you have picked the right kind of leather. However, like all great things, your stylish accessories need to be kept well maintained. The best thing about quality leather bags is that it’s easy to retain the initial lustre of the material if they are maintained well. Then again, there’s a way to treat leather, and simply throwing them into the washing machine is not it. Here’s how you do it. Mild facial soap Not sure if the commercial facial soaps can deliver what they promise when it comes to your face but they can definitely do wonders for your leather bag. If you...

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7 Facts About Leather That Will Blow Your Mind

It’s your penchant for leather products that has brought you here. From gaping at leather pants wearing rock stars in jaw-dropping admiration during your teens to being a leather briefcase trotting corporate hotshot now, leather accessories and clothing has always been your weak point. Let’s take your love for leather a notch higher with some amazing facts that you probably didn’t know before. A popular material since 3000 BC While leather seems to be one of the most widely chosen materials for various purposes, it was no less popular thousands of years ago. The popularity of leather dates back to more than 3000 BC when it was used for making sails on boats by the Romans. Back then, leather was...

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Purses, Satchels And Briefcases: Do You Know Where Your Favourite Leather Bag Has Come From?

Take a look at your leather bag. Have you ever wondered where this fine piece of designer accessory has come from? Who would have thought of tanning or waxing leather and sewing it into such a magnificent structure that it would become a favourite among generations to come. Be it your purse, your satchel, or your leather briefcase – they all have fascinating origin stories. The leather purse Even though a purse means a small bag to hold your money in Britain, in American culture it’s generally a handbag. Mostly popular among women, you may have seen a recent trend of man-purses in the last few years. However, it’s hardly a recent trend – purses were originally created for men...

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Top 5 Misconceptions About Leather Bags And The Truth Behind It

Leather bags are by far the most stylish accessories one can think of but there are several misconceptions around them. A lot of people refrain from buying leather bags even if they love the look and feel of it just because they have heard baseless conceptions about the material. Let’s take a look at the top five misconceptions about leather bag that needs to be debunked now. Leather bags are super heavy No, they aren’t! Unless your leather bag has not gone through the process of tanning, there’s no reason for it to be heavy. All good quality leather accessories, be it a leather purse or a leather satchel, go through the process of tanning which leaves them with a...

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Here's How People Read You By Just Looking At Your Bag

The thing about leather bags is that they’re not just accessories – they’re style statements. Your style often precedes you, and that’s why you should know what your bag says about you. Leather rucksack Leather rucksacks for men generally give out a very gritty appeal. These are best accessorizsed with a beard, boots, fisherman beanie and bikes on road trips. It gives off a rugged yet hipster vibe. Cool yet gritty, traditional yet trendy, the leather rucksack is definitely makes a bold statement. Leather messenger bags Leather messenger bags, if carried correctly, which is high across the body gives off the vibe of hunters and gamekeepers. The best ones come from genuine leather, have a curved shape. The canvas line...

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